SGT Therapist Training: Jan 2023 till Jan 2024 lead by Helena Løvendal and Notburga Fischer

4 Modules @ 7 full days including supervision.

Module 1:  23. – 29 January 2023

Module 2:  5. – 11. June 2023

Module 3:  11. – 17. September 2023

Module 4:  15. – 21. January 2024

The content SGT Therapist training will include:

  • Learning to do process work in groups based on the psychosexual development along the life span
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the pre-oedipal phases (underlying attachment patterns, neuro affective regulation, and therapeutic Co-regulation),
  • Learning to work with the systemic SGT constellation work in relation to the different maturation levels,
  • working with erotic transference and countertransference
  • an in-deep understanding of the importance of ethical rules on a body level

……and much more to support and enhance your private, personal and professional lives

New for the first time in SGT Therapist Training, you will learn how to do applied SGT work in your individual practice with clients. This will include:

  • How to adapt certain structures for working with cushions, or taking different positions in the systemic work in relation to the maturation level you are working with
  • Working with erotic transference and the intersubjective space

As a Sexual grounding Therapist you can:

  • Facilitate  SGT Process groups (lead Subgroups between SGT Training blocks) – in this context you will be trained to work with participants in a SGT setting, based on your  private, personal and professional self regulation and ability to provide a safe and therapeutic space with appropriate ethical boundaries.
  • Work in your own praxis with individual clients applying SGT theory and methodology while maintaining appropriate and safe ethical boundaries  (no naked work in individual sessions)


The training will go ahead with a minimum of 12 and maximum 24 people.
Those of you who have registered your interest early will of course have priority for being considered as long as you meet the criteria – and if we get a big group together, we will be able to lower the fee for everyone🙏🏾

Language: All the modules with be taught in English with possibly French translation (only if really needed – we need to know who would need translation).

Finances – training fees only.

Estimated Costs € 250.- / day / person, (€ 1750.- per Module)  

€ 7000.- in total (including supervision sessions – they will be included in the Modules, so there will be no extra time and costs for supervision)

If there are enough numbers of participants both trainers plan to be present in all modules (at least in the first and last module)

Venues: We have decided to keep the whole training in France although the training is an European training. For now we have dates and have started looking for venues in France. We have already had conformation from the venue that would be our 1st choice, but we need to know how big the group will be before we can confirm.