Sexual Grounding Therapy:
Sexual Grounding Therapy® (SGT) is an innovative direction within body-oriented psychotherapy that is an essential addition to other current therapeutic methods.
Sexual Grounding® was developed in the early 1990s by the Dutch psychologist and body-oriented therapist Willem Poppeliers. In his own training he experienced that the theme of sexuality was completely avoided or only treated theoretically. From there he developed a method based on a well-founded theory of eight maturation stages within sexual development. The SGT philosophy is managed by the Foundation for Sexual Grounding Therapy® (FSGT).

Sexual Grounding® is a very effective form of self-development that addresses sexuality and relationships in a clear, direct and pure way. SGT follows Freud in his view that sexuality is our primary life energy, but goes further by mapping how sexuality develops from birth to death and what the conditions are for healthy development. Participants report that the SBT training provides lasting support for basic life themes, such as connecting with original aliveness, restoring the sexual flow between the heart and gender, the capacity for lasting relationships and the sexual education of children.

Training Level 1:
This annual training includes all modules needed to reach Level 1 in Sexual Grounding.

The training dates are:
Module 1: January 23-28, 2025
Module 2: May 15-20, 2025
Module 3: Oct 2-7, 2025
Module 4: , 2026

The location is: Centrum De Horst in Meddo, www.centrumdehorst.com Arrival from 9:00 am.

Start training: 10 a.m Departure last day: 5 p.m

Costs: 3950 Euro for 4 modules of 6 days (exempt from VAT, excluding accommodation costs). With early booking discount when booking before September 15, 2024: 3800 Euro Excl. accommodation costs: 480 Euro per module (incl. VAT); 5x overnight stay with breakfast, 6x lunch, 5x dinner, unlimited coffee, tea and water.

For rooms with private facilities, an additional charge of Euro 10 per night per room applies. Costs of an interim subgroup of 1 to 2 days: 5 to 6 times between the modules under the guidance of SGT Therapist: 185 Euro per participation 1 day with approximately 6 people.

Registration or further inquiries:

To register or have further questions, you can easily send an email to Sexual Grounding Netherlands